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You did an amazing job

We received the pictures on Friday last week and we LOVE them! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job on them


Can't wait to return

We looked over them & we love them. You guys did a really good job & can't wait to return. I can't wait til we get them & put them on are wall. They really are going to enhance the look.


You knew exactly what we wanted

Thank you so much for everything yesterday. We had a lot of fun and you were great. You're very professional and knew exactly what we wanted and how to do it.

Thanks again!


I LOVE the photos!

Just wanted to touch base with you and say THANK you so much for making the shoot so easy and fun. I was apprehensive and didn't know what to expect but it was great and I can't wait to come back for about session soon.

You guys are awesome and I LOVE the photos!

Thanks again soooo much!!!


Even though I was nervous you are very professional

You made that whole experience on Monday so easy and even though I was nervous you are very professional and made the whole thing much more comfortable than I thought it would be. We are very excited to see our galleries when they are available and had a lot of fun with the whole process. I am looking forward to doing another session next year. You are all wonderful people and it was a pleasure meeting you and participating in your world for the day.


I had such a blast doing the shoot!

Thanks so much! I had such a blast doing the shoot! I definitely will always consider your services for any future photography needs (possibly a couples shoot!) It's gonna be hard to narrow down which prints to order but I am glad there's so many great ones to choose from!

Thanks again and look forward to ordering soon.


I know he'll love it

I just got my package and it looks great, I know he'll love it. I wanted to thank you for making this a very pleasurable experience for me. Under the circumstances I didn't think I would be comfortable doing something like this and the anxiety of selecting the right company to do business with was the most challenging. I'm glad your past reviews steered me your way and would gladly recommend you in the future. The quality of your work is awesome!!!!

Thanks Again


Thanks again!

you guys did a great job and it was a lot of fun :)


Thank you so much for every thing!

Thank you so much for every thing! I enjoyed myself and felt at ease last night.

Miss M

All I can say is WOW!

The calendar and mini book were delivered today! All I can say is WOW! They turned out even better than I imagined.



I had the best time EVER (even woke up sore LOL) ...you are the BEST at making one feel comfortable. Thank you for your patience AND professionalism.


We could not have asked for anything more!

I wanted to let you know how blown away [we] were with the photos, the calendar and all your help making this whole experience so memorable. We could not have asked for anything more. Everything arrived with ample time, beautifully packaged and impressive layout.


Thank you so much for all of the communication!

I appreciate the reassurance! I am sure you are used to all of these deadlines people have and your reassurance and efficiency is truly amazing and makes the 'nerves' part of this much easier to deal with! Funny to say I have been more worried about this turning out perfect than the wedding! Also, I'm really glad there is this much direction. It might have been a little hopeless if you were like ... and GO! Thanks again and I will be in contact soon!


One cannot put a dollar value on what you all do

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience on Friday. I was so stressed with my personal problems when I arrived and I was angry at the people upsetting me, because I was looking forward so much to my photo shoot. Within minutes, I had forgotten all about them and it was all about me, so thank you so very much. One cannot put a dollar value on what you all do to save women from a nervous breakdown; you have no idea!

Jan B.

In Search of Boudoir Photographer

I looked for a really really long time for a photographer to take my boudoir photos. There are a lot of them, but I really didn't feel that with the exception of a few shots, that any of them could really produce photos that would be something more outstanding than what I could have a friend do. I wanted photos that pushed limits with taste and class. Red Chair Photography delivered beyond what I could have ever imagined. They were very professional and made the entire shoot super easy. I got shots that even though I am certainly not a model, look like they could have been in playboy. I would recomend them to anyone old or young, large or small. They find out what style of photos YOU are looking for and really cater to that expectation. You will have a great experience and your photos will be amazing!

Jesseca W.

Gift for my Fiance

I was looking for a gift to give my Fiance on our wedding day. Looking through many wedding website, boudoir Photography seemed to be the latest trend for wedding day gifts. So I came across Red Chair Photography in the same wedding site and looked through their portfolio and loved what I saw. I called & made an appointment with them and they were very helpful.

Because I did not know what to expect on the day of, the staff and fab Make-up artist, explained things to me, made me feel comfortable and it became a really great experience. I have to say the photographer was totally professional and made me feel confidant and glamorous and extremely sexy.

My fiance was definitely surprised he never expected anything like this. Lets just say our honeymoon was far more than I expected!!!

Thanks Red Chair Photography!!!!


My Time In The Red Chair!

One would think, going to a spa for a body wax, pedicure, acrylic nails, and a makeover, would have been enough to make me feel attractive! But, the feeling from all of that was nowhere near, the feeling I got, in Red Chair's care! When I arrived we chatted about what I wanted from my photo session! Right down to the outfits, jewelry, and props, I had taken along! I could tell right away, that I was going to enjoy being in front of the camera! Looking back, it's kind of funny, just how apprehensive I was, (to schedule a professional photo shoot), when you take into account, that I wasn't in the least bit shy, (about what I wanted), once I arrived! No alcohols needed, just the thrill of the experience! Red Chair had scheduled a makeup artist to do my makeover for the shoot, and I was so comfortable around them, I was simply amazed! I felt attractive, just being around these two girls! Another thing, I always thought, I could never reveal myself, in front of a male, but the photographer never once, made me feel uncomfortable! They even had to tell me, I was smiling too much! Usually, I find it hard to smile at the right time for a photo, yet I was smiling too big and too much! Kind of funny, I thought the photographer always had to beg people to smile and on this night, I was told to lessen my smile! My photo shoot was a week ago tomorrow; I had such a good time, that for the life of me, I can't remember what I was wearing for that first scene! They had me feeling so attractive, that time just flew by! I really want to, do it all again! And yes, I would recommend Red Chair Photography to anyone interested in such a shoot!


Thank you!

Thank you so much for everything. Yesterday was great and I truly enjoyed myself.


Very impressed!

We received our album and are very impressed! Love it and all looks fabulous :) Thanks for your quality and expertise.


I am so happy!

Just a quick note to say thanks again - you made me feel very comfortable, and I am so happy I did it!


They are stunning!

Wanted to let you know that the pictures arrived today. They are stunning! The computer images really didn't do them justice. I am very pleased. Can't wait to see my husband's reaction!



I always wanted to take sexy fun photos (professional ones LOL) and I came across Red Chair Photography and called them and they had all the answers to all my questions!! From the moment I booked my appointment I felt that I could trust them and have fun with this experience! And I did! I had my hair and makeup done and it looked hot! She did a great job! I brought my own outfits and props and they made me feel so comfortable while I was walking around in high ass heels and sexy thongs LOL! When I picked my photos out and then picked them up I could not believe how hot I looked :) they make you feel special and wanted all around! I did and will tell everyone about Red Chair Photography! I can't wait to go back and do it again! Thank you to the staff at Red Chair! PS. Everyone loved the pics!!


Great Experience!

You don't have to be a "10" to feel like one with the help of Red Chair Photography. From the moment I was greeted at the door, I felt totally comfortable and enjoyed the fine attention and personability of the staff. We discussed many options prior to the photo session, and the direction from the staff was very professional and creative. I never thought I had the guts (or beauty) to do this, but after my outstanding experience, I can't wait to do it again someday! I would recommend Red Chair Photography to everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. What a fantastic way to boost your self-esteem... I know it worked for me!


So very worth it!!!

I wanted to give my fiance a gift on our wedding day and came across Red Chair Photography boudoir photographs and thought what a naughty little thing to do!! The team was really great to work with. It was totally professional and the end results were spectacular!! I have never seen myself look so good before. Oh, and my finance was pleasantly surprised. Let's just say, we had lots of fun on our honeymoon!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to give their loved one an out of the ordinary gift!!


Amazing photos

I was debating for some time if I should go through with the shoot or not, and I am so happy I did. The pictures turned out amazing! I thought for sure I would feel uncomfortable, but at no point did I really feel that way. The theam was just unbelievable, they made me feel totally comfortable. And my boyfriend loved the pictures.


Great experience

This was a fun experience and not at all what I expected. I had NEVER done anything like this and was unsure what to expect. It was professional and comfortable. The staff is so helpful and they go out of their way to make you feel good about your experience. They answer any questions that you have and are great about helping you prepare for the experience. It was great fun and I strongly recommend them.


Thanks for the photo session

Hi I had a shoot with you guys this morning! I wanted to say thanks for making my experience relaxing and enjoyable. I had so much fun and wasn't uncomfortable at all! I think I wanna get into modeling now because I had so much fun with you guys. If I decide to make a portfolio I will be for sire coming to you!


The photos are great!

The photos are great! My boyfriend and I look like true models!


OMG, Totally professional!

OMG, Totally professional, the images are like magazine good! I would definitely recommend them to anyone.


Great customer service

Great customer service: I would suggest their SERVICE to all. They were professional and efficient and they went beyound their role to ensure I was satisfied.


This was a great experience

This was a great experience I would recommend to everyone! The staff is so talented and professional. They work so well together to make sure your experience is perfect from start to finish. I couldn't possibly give them enough compliments! Loved it!


Very professional photography studio

Red Chair was a very professional photography studio that communicated with me during the entire process from start to finish. I am glad my first experience was with Red Chair.


Sweet thank you!

My boyfriend LOVED the photos. He was absolutely in shock for a good 20 minutes before he even said anything. Thanks again!


Talented, Professional, FUN!

I worked with them to create a special portrait for a special friend. They were a pleasure to work with and have a beautiful studio, state-of-the-art equipment, a great eye. I have never posed for professional photos before and they put me at ease immediately when they sat down to talk to me about who I was, why I was there and what I was looking for. They helped me position my body the right ways and saw all the ways to make me look better. Their retouching was magic as well. I could not be happier with the outcome.


Oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I absolutely love the photos! I hope my selection was good, there were so many that I loved, it was hard to decide. All of the retouching looks perfect, I still look like me only a little smoother which is exactly what I was hoping for. I like how you arranged them also, it flows very nicely.


Pleasure to work with

It was really a pleasure to work with you. You made it very easy for me to feel relaxed. I wish now that I had booked more time because I think I needed that to get a little more comfortable. I am even considering setting up something after the wedding to get some more shots.


This is THE place to go for magazine quality pictures

My experience with Red Chair was very professional and the staff was personable and very organized. They really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and to patiently answer all of your questions. As a woman in the adult entertainment industry, I can't say enough how much I appreciated their open-minded and respectful attitude. Overall, I had alot of fun taking the pictures and the finished prints exceeded my expectations.


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